Climair -wind and rain deflectors

Climair -wind and rain deflectors

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  • Great for night time ventilation, window can be left open to allow air in without being visible and keeping the rain out. Also great for driving with the windows open.


  • About Climair+

  • Since the 1970s the automotive supply specialist Climair have developed and produced wind and rain deflectors for car side windows and sunroofs. High quality is our trademark. This has been achieved with the knowledge and experience gained over many years of technical production.

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    Climair deflectors are precision made in Germany and are T.U.V approved deflectors with a two year guarantee. 

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    Climair products are tailor-made for every type of car, van and commercial vehicle. Each product comes with full fitting instructions and helpful tips.

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    Climair deflectors install quickly inside your door window channel. They do not stick on the outside.

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    Climair deflectors come right down the front of the window to the frame

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